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Leading Video Production Services in Toronto:

“Capturing Timeless Moments”

A premier Video Production Company in Toronto, we’re dedicated to crafting visually captivating content that embodies your brand.

Our skilled team excels in various video production types, including brand story videos, social media content, commercials, promo videos, documentaries, and short films.

Acknowledging storytelling’s power and its effect on brand success, we dedicate time to grasp your distinct vision. We create tailored solutions to vividly portray your story. Collaborate with us to boost your brand’s presence, create lasting impressions, and achieve significant results.

The Top Tier Toronto Video Production & Marketing Agency

Keep pushing forward.

We’ve got your back.

Do you need a video? We got you covered. We handle the stress of video production and marketing for you so you can focus on growing your business.

Let Your Brand's Story Shine

Video Production Company in Toronto A well-designed brand promotion video reflects the brand’s value and identity. Skyrex Productions utilizes visual storytelling skills to present your brand effectively and professionally.

Brand Video Production Service
Commercial Video Production in Toronto

Create Commercial Magic, Inspire Your Audience

A persuasive commercial can greatly impact consumers, boosting sales. Skyrex Productions specializes in crafting unforgettable, convincing ads that captivate target audiences. Utilizing stunning visuals, captivating storylines, and targeted messaging, their team designs commercials that skillfully highlight products or services, motivating viewers to act. Rely on Skyrex Productions to produce commercials that elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression.

Crafting Promo Videos that Resonate and Inspire

To succeed in the advertising world, eye-catching and effective videos are essential. Skyrex Productions creates creative and strategic promotional videos that help brands reach their target audiences.

Promo video production in Toronto
Shorts Film video production

Short Films, Endless Impact

Collaborating with award-winning directors and writers, Skyrex Productions produces high-quality and impactful short films. These films merge art and technology to provide unforgettable experiences for viewers.

Share-Worthy Social Media Videos, Endless Engagement

Social media is one of the most important marketing tools in today’s world. Skyrex generates original and engaging content videos that strengthen businesses’ social media presence and increase their follower count.

Social Media Content - Video Production in Toronto
Documentary video production

We Create Documentaries That Make Voice.

Skyrex Productions has experience in creating powerful documentaries that combine emotion and facts. With a professional and creative team, they present unique stories that captivate audiences.

Brands That Trust Us.

How it works.


Main steps

1. Submit Contact Form

Get ad creative solutions tailored to your needs. Submit the contact form and let our ad creative team assist you in finding the best fit for your business.

2. Initial Consultation

We'll schedule a call or meeting to discuss your video production needs, goals and budget. During this time, we'll gather information about your target audience, message, and any specific requirements you may have.

3. Concept Development

Based on the information gathered during the consultation, we'll develop a concept for your video. This will include an overview of the story, style, and tone. We'll also provide a rough script and storyboard for your review and feedback.


Next Steps

1. Pre-Production

Once the concept is approved, we'll move into pre-production. This includes finalizing the script, storyboard, and shot list, as well as planning logistics, scouting locations, and casting actors if needed.

2. Production

This is the actual filming stage. We'll capture all the footage needed for the video, including all necessary shots, angles, and scenes.

3. Post-Production

Once filming concludes, we enter post-production. This involves editing footage, incorporating visual effects, music, sound effects, and color correction. We'll update you on the video's progress and seek your feedback and approval for the final cut.

4. Final Deliverable

After final revisions and approvals, we'll provide you with the final deliverable in the format you require.

5. Promotion

We can also help you to promote your video on various platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and more.

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    Talimu Promo Video Production

    We filmed an experience with the Power of Auralite 23 for our client Talimu to boost sales. Skyrex Productions, your go-to destination for exceptional video production...

    View Project
    October 12, 2022

    United Chargers Promo

    We were approached by the United Chargers team to create a promo video for their brand-new EV charger. The task was to create a visually compelling...

    • Client

      United Chargers

    View Project
    August 10, 2022

    Skypouch Promo Video

    We were approached by Skypouch to create a promo for their new product. The video demonstrates how this pouch can increase efficiency and productivity on the...

    • Client


    View Project
    July 10, 2022

    Journey to Half-Ironman DOC

    This short documentary follows the journey of Sax as he trains to compete in a half-ironman race. The film provides a unique insight into the dedication...

    • Client


    View Project
    November 19, 2020


    We’ve created a unique visual system and strategy across the wide existing spectrum of visible mobile applications and found yourself in a wide, straggling with wainscots...

    • Client


    View Project
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